Weekly output: Twitter unmentioning, Verizon Welcome Unlimited, old iPhone values, fiber-optic house hunting, Mark Vena podcast

I had an unusually short workweek, with most of Monday taken up by a colonoscopy and then Friday filled by travel for fun instead of for work.

7/11/2022: Twitter Adds ‘Unmentioning’ Feature to Bail Out of Toxic, Pointless Conversations, PCMag

I felt sufficiently recovered from post-anesthesia wooziness Monday afternoon to write this quick post about a new and useful Twitter option.

7/12/2022: Verizon Adds ‘Welcome Unlimited’ to Its 4 Other Unlimited-on-Phone Plans, PCMag

Four unlimited-on-phone plans were apparently not enough for Verizon Wireless, so it added a fifth that amounts to the company’s version of Basic Economy.

Screenshot of USAT column as seen in Apple News on an iPad7/13/2022: Are old iPhones worth anything? Trade-in values drop depending on software, C-band frequency, USA Today

While Apple trimming the trade-in values it advertises on older iPhones didn’t strike me as headline material, the steep drop in the iPhone 11’s estimated worth got my interest.

7/14/2022: House Hunting? This Site Touts Real-Estate Listings With Verified Broadband, PCMag

I got an early pitch for this Fiber Homes site after the piece I did for the Washington Post in February about the difficulty of getting reliable information about broadband service at a possible new home. I told the people involved to let me know when the site was about to launch, so that I could assess how well it worked.

7/14/2022: S02 E29 – SmartTechCheck Podcast, Mark Vena

We spent much of this episode of my tech-industry analyst pal’s podcast (also available in video form) talking about Elon Musk’s hamhanded attempt to back out of buying Twitter.

Weekly output: iPhone 12 (x3), Pippa Malmgren, sustainable online commerce, Fig O’Reilly, Apple vs. Telegram

In case you hadn’t heard, Apple announced a new set of iPhones this week.

10/13/2020: iPhone 12, Al Jazeera

The Arabic-language channel had me on to discuss the key features of this new lineup, starting with 5G. I felt sorry for the translator–the differences between millimeter-wave, low-band and mid-band 5G are confusing enough to native speakers of English.

10/14/2020: On Apple iPhone 12, it’s a battle of the 5G bands among AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, USA Today

I’m still puzzled by all the airtime Verizon got at Apple’s event, because its millimeter-wave 5G service increasingly looks like an epic disappointment. T-Mobile’s mid-band makes a better case for 5G–if you’re in one of the markets with the superior 5G flavor that T-Mobile has yet to highlight on its own coverage maps.

10/14/2020: Fireside: Friends or Foes? The impact of AI & Robotics on the Modern Workforce, Dublin Tech Summit Virtual

The first of three pre-recorded talks I did for this online conference had me interviewing science advisor and roboticist Pippa Malmgren about the future of drones–on Earth and across the solar system.

10/14/2020: Panel Discussion: Shopping for Sustainability, Dublin Tech Summit Virtual

My second DTS panel–but the last one I recorded–had me quizzing Etsy sustainability director Chelsea Mozen and Zalando product head Mike Mulligan about how these two online platforms are working to make their operations and their supply chains carbon neutral. We stuck around afterwards in the conference’s chat forum to answer audience questions.

10/14/2020: Fireside: Reach for the Stars, Dublin Tech Summit Virtual

As I noted in opening my talk with Fionnghuala (Fig for short) O’Reilly, who among things helps make NASA’s Space Apps challenge happen, the two of us share a few things in common: We both went to college in D.C., hold Irish passports, have pronunciation-defying names and know the joy of experiencing space launches.

10/15/2020: Apple To Telegram: Delete Posts Exposing The Belarus Dictatorship’s Enforcers, Forbes

I had meant to write this post last week, but held off on it to get some input from outside experts. Fortunately, nothing changed with the underlying story of Apple making the bizarre decision to tell the developer of a social app to delete individual posts allegedly doxing people propping up the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus.

10/17/2020: SmartTechCheck Podcast (10-16-20), Mark Vena

I returned to the podcast Vena hosts for his employer Moor Insights & Strategy to talk about the pros and cons of Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup with fellow tech journalists Stewart Wolpin and John Quain.