Weekly output: Twitter unmentioning, Verizon Welcome Unlimited, old iPhone values, fiber-optic house hunting, Mark Vena podcast

I had an unusually short workweek, with most of Monday taken up by a colonoscopy and then Friday filled by travel for fun instead of for work.

7/11/2022: Twitter Adds ‘Unmentioning’ Feature to Bail Out of Toxic, Pointless Conversations, PCMag

I felt sufficiently recovered from post-anesthesia wooziness Monday afternoon to write this quick post about a new and useful Twitter option.

7/12/2022: Verizon Adds ‘Welcome Unlimited’ to Its 4 Other Unlimited-on-Phone Plans, PCMag

Four unlimited-on-phone plans were apparently not enough for Verizon Wireless, so it added a fifth that amounts to the company’s version of Basic Economy.

Screenshot of USAT column as seen in Apple News on an iPad7/13/2022: Are old iPhones worth anything? Trade-in values drop depending on software, C-band frequency, USA Today

While Apple trimming the trade-in values it advertises on older iPhones didn’t strike me as headline material, the steep drop in the iPhone 11’s estimated worth got my interest.

7/14/2022: House Hunting? This Site Touts Real-Estate Listings With Verified Broadband, PCMag

I got an early pitch for this Fiber Homes site after the piece I did for the Washington Post in February about the difficulty of getting reliable information about broadband service at a possible new home. I told the people involved to let me know when the site was about to launch, so that I could assess how well it worked.

7/14/2022: S02 E29 – SmartTechCheck Podcast, Mark Vena

We spent much of this episode of my tech-industry analyst pal’s podcast (also available in video form) talking about Elon Musk’s hamhanded attempt to back out of buying Twitter.