Weekly output: dead hard drive, Mac Observer, Safari vs. Facebook Like and Share buttons, Twitter bots (x2)

My last long-haul business travel for the first half of this year starts early Monday morning, when I head to National Airport to start my journey to Shanghai for CES Asia. Like last year, I’m helping emcee the Last Gadget Standing show there; unlike last year, I imagine I’ll be hearing more pronounced reactions in China to President Trump’s increasingly angry outbursts about international trade.

6/5/2018: This Morning with Gordon Deal June 05, 2018, This Morning with Gordon Deal

I talked to this show’s host about my experience destroying a dead backup hard drive with a crowbar, as recounted in my earlier USA Today column. My spot comes up about 13:30 into the show.

6/5/2018: TMO Background Mode Interview with Freelance Tech Journalist Rob Pegoraro, The Mac Observer

I talked to TMO’s John Martellaro about my experience doing a drive transplant on an old iMac, Google’s I/O news, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and more.

6/6/2018: Apple’s Safari to Facebook’s Like and Share buttons: Dislike, The Parallax

I wrote an explainer for my newest client about how Safari will block Facebook’s Like and Share buttons–along with those of other social networks–to stop a common form of Web tracking. Along the way, Apple might wind up boosting two of its own lines of business.

6/6/2018: Twitter bots, Al Jazeera

A late-in-the-day request from an AJ producer meant I had to do this interview via Skype off my laptop in the middle of attending a panel discussion at New America. For future reference, if you need to do a TV hit via Skype at that D.C. think tank: They have a couple of phone-booth-sized rooms with backdrops that look techie enough on TV, in which you can get a laptop webcam at a respectable angle by putting that booth’s trash can on its table and then raising its chair as high as possible.

6/7/2018: Twitter bots, Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera was sufficiently interested in this post on the Washington Post’s site about the use of Twitter bots by Qatar’s Gulf rivals that they had me on for a second day, where I had the chance to speak at a greater length and wear a solid-color, TV-friendly shirt. I don’t have a link to either hit because they roll off AJ’s site within two days, and I forgot to copy those links when I could.

Weekly output: hard drive destruction, AI meets video (x2), fuel-cell Honda Clarity

A week shortened by Memorial Day was made even shorter by a quick trip to the West Coast for a cousin’s wedding Thursday–without which I would not have been able to write one of the posts listed below. I got home from that trip just in time for my 25th (!) college reunion, and I am now way more tired than I should be on a Sunday night.

5/31/2018: Even a dead hard drive can give away your private info. Here’s how to delete it for good, USA Today

This column represented the first time–and hopefully the last–that a crowbar has figured into my story research. You can see the damage it inflicted on the backup hard drive that died last month (and pushed me to replace the hard drive in my iMac before it, too, could fail without warning) in the photo I took to illustrate the piece.

6/1/2018: AI Meets Video Production, FierceCable

I wrote a couple of pieces for this e-book bundle of stories–you’ll have to provide your e-mail and sign up for their newsletter to read it, but I actually don’t mind getting that daily digest of headlines–about how artificial-intelligence and machine-learning software are changing video. This one covers how AI is already easing many production chores.

6/1/2018: The Future of AI in Filmmaking: A Long Shot, FierceCable

My second story for this Fierce e-book covered the prospects for AI creating original content–a much less certain thing, in my opinion. This post allowed me to use some notes I’d taken at SXSW that hadn’t wound up in any stories filed from there.

6/1/2018: Here’s what it’s like to drive a hydrogen-powered car, Yahoo Finance

I’d first seen the fuel-cell version of this sedan at the Washington Auto Show in January, when two Honda public-policy types suggested I could stop by their D.C. office and take it for a spin. When I finally followed up, Honda PR said they’d prefer to stage this test in L.A.–and conveniently enough, I had a few hours open after my late-Wednesday-morning arrival at LAX. Our first stop was, of course, the In-N-Out Burger just north of runway 24R; the second was one of the 35 hydrogen refueling stations open to the public in California. For more about my test drive, see the photos I uploaded to Flickr.