Weekly output: Comcast rate hikes, Comcast data caps, home network troubleshooting

I did a much better job of setting work aside this holiday weekend than in prior years, and I am thankful for that.

11/24/2020: Comcast Celebrates Holiday Ritual Of Rate Hikes, Forbes

Just like a year ago, Comcast’s Grinch-like habit of revealing rate increases in the last few weeks before Christmas amounted to a pitch left hanging over the plate.

11/25/2020: As Comcast enforces data caps nationwide, will AT&T, Verizon, Charter and other internet providers follow?, USA Today

Comcast’s even-more-foolish decision to expand its unnecessary data caps in the middle of a pandemic that’s forced millions of Americans to work and learn from home led my editor at USA Today to ask for a column on that topic. I was delighted to oblige.

11/27/2020: Sluggish Wi-Fi? Here’s how to find out who – or what – is hogging your bandwidth, USA Today

I had filed this how-to piece a week earlier, but it didn’t have an obvious news peg, so I figured it might not get posted right away.