Weekly output: eSIM hands-on report, T-Mobile renews MLB partnership

Happy Easter, everyone!

PCMag eSIM hands-on report4/7/2023: Here’s What It’s Like to Rent an eSIM on an Android Phone, PCMag

This is a story I could have done in November–when first I took a loaner Pixel 7 phone to Europe and could readily have tried out Airalo while in Lisbon for Web Summit–but didn’t think to do that sort of field test until MWC brought me to Spain at the end of February. And then I needed another four weeks to get some commitments to other clients out of the way, clarify some details about Airalo’s service and actually write the thing.

4/8/2023: T-Mobile Renews MLB Partnership, Free MLB.tv for Subscribers Through 2028, PCMag

Having another five seasons’ worth of free MLB.tv–as in, what I hope is more than enough time for that service to finally add in-market viewing–caught my eye, but so did the part about T-Mobile building a private 5G network in a to-be-announced minor-league ballpark to support baseball’s experiment in automated ball-strike (ABS) calls and challenges.


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