Weekly output: Twitter geotagging, AI promises, FCC pay-TV transparency proposal, FTC click-to-cancel proposal, cryptocurrency mining

The last week of March comes with an exciting local development: the Washington Nationals home opener Thursday. I look forward to trying to ignore my smartphone as much as possible that afternoon.

Twitter location-tagging story3/20/2023: Good Luck Tagging Your Specific Location on Twitter Anymore, PCMag

This story started with a tip from @HelicoptersOfDC proprietor Andrew Logan, which eventually led me to write “whatever is left of Twitter’s press office sent its new autoreply of a poop emoji.”

3/22/2023: Is AI Ready to Fulfill Its Promises or Is This Just Another Hype Cycle?, Grit Daily

Here’s a recap of the panel I moderated in Austin two weeks ago.

3/22/2023: FCC Wants to Force Cable Companies to Disclose Upfront What You’ll Actually Pay, PCMag

It’s crazy that it’s taken this long for any nationwide government regulator to demand that a pay-TV service tell would-be subscribers just how much they’ll pay.

3/23/2023: Click to Cancel: FTC Wants to Make It Easier to Dump Subscriptions, PCMag

My pitch to cover this proposal got an usually fast approval from my editors, which may say something about how much people hate subscriptions that auto-renew inside some dark-pattern interface.

3/25/2023: Crypto-Mining Advocates: Actually, We’re Not Terrible for the Environment, PCMag

I took notes at a blockchain-policy conference Tuesday, then needed another three days to turn those notes into copy.


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