Weekly output: right to repair, public domain

The year isn’t even a day old, and yet I have only one day at home before I have to fly somewhere for work. Tuesday’s flight to Las Vegas for CES will mark the 25th time I’ve begun that pilgrimage; this, as they say, is the business I have chosen.

Patreon readers got a bonus post Friday: a review of the Pixel 7 phone Google PR loaned me a couple of months ago.

Screenshot of the story as seen in Chrome for Android, with a notification from the Mastodon app visible in the notifications bar.12/29/2022: New York Gov. Signs Right-to-Repair Bill After Last-Minute Amendments, PCMag

The early read on Gov. Kathy Hochul signing a bill that had passed the legislature six months earlier was that it represented a major win for the “right to repair” movement, but the governor’s last-hours amendments of the Digital Fair Repair Act significantly weakened some of its force, and I’m glad I took a little time to look into this story before writing this post.

12/30/2022: Party Like It’s 1927 As New Crop of Creative Works Enters the Public Domain, PCMag

After more than two decades of covering intellectual-property policy, writing about the arrival of a new year’s worth of works into the public domain has been a real treat the last few years. The latest edition of this staple gave me a chance to give a shout-out to the first movie to feature a robot leading character, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis; I have yet to see it, but now I can watch it without paying for it or feeling guilt about not paying for it.

Updated 1/2/2023 to add a mention of the Patreon post.

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