A customer-service journey: upgrading my mom’s Fios TV boxes

  • System: Television: “Auto Tune to HD Channels” was insanely not the default, 23 years after the commercial debut of HDTV, so I had to fix that. Fortunately, the next dialog asked “Do you want to apply this setting to other Set-Top boxes(STBs) in the home network?” Yes, I did.
  • System: Notifications:Widgets Settings: Location City: I added Mom’s Zip code, which Verizon already knows.
  • System: Notifications:Widgets Settings: Promotions: I disabled that to remove promotions from the bootup screen.
  • System: Notifications:Widgets Settings:Guide Banner: I disabled that to stop the guide from advertising other stuff at the bottom of the program guide.
  • Channel favorites: This was the one chore I had to repeat on each box instead of being able to apply the setting to the other box. On each device, I selected a channel from the guide, pressed the remote’s “OK” button, and then selected “Add to Favorites 1.”

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