Airports I’ve used

Last Friday set an ignominious personal milestone: I broke a record for consecutive days spent away from airplanes that went back to to 2001.

Back then, the post-9/11 shutdown of commercial aviation and my own relaxed travel schedule ensured I wouldn’t board a plane between early August, when I landed at National Airport after a summer vacation in California, and early January, when I took off DCA for my first Macworld Expo. This time, the novel-coronavirus pandemic has grounded me, and it’s unclear when I’ll once again feel jet engines shove me back in my seat and watch the ground fall away from the wing.

So I might as well document the airports I used in the Before Times, having already done the research for my friend Craig Fifer’s Flight Quest project to track who among his friends had taken off from or landed at more airports. As an inveterate list-maker and avgeek, how could I not have taken part in that competition?

So here you go: the 94 95 97 98 99 100 101 102103 104 105 106 109 airports I’ve used listed by IATA and ICAO code, plus my comments about each.

This almost certainly isn’t complete, as before 1997 I’m limited to incomplete paper records and my own memory. But I don’t think anybody can question my lifelong effort to prop up commercial aviation.

Updated 9/12/2020 to add CMH, 10/7/2020 to add DAL and HOU, 8/20/2021 to add TLL, 8/27/2021 to add RSW, 9/16/2021 to add HGR, 10/3/2021 to add MIA,12/6/2021 to add KOA, 5/2/2022 to add RIX, 5/26/2022 to add BOI, 7/2/2022 to add HEL, 8/1/2022 to add PUJ, 9/19/2022 to add BER, KEF and CPH. 

4 thoughts on “Airports I’ve used

  1. I’d love to read about your 1998 trip to China, especially your thoughts on Chengdu Shuangliu Airport as it existed then! I first flew to Chengdu in 2007 when the airport had already been expanded, and since then they’ve added more terminals and a second runway.

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