Weekly output: cybersecurity knowledge, defending digital rights, app cleanup

I have had a dreadful week, on account of being deprived Monday of one of my best friends in the Post newsroom. I can only hope yours was better.

3/22/2017: You’re not as secure online as you might think, Yahoo Finance

My takeaway from this Pew study of American acquaintance with cybersecurity was that I need to do a better job of coaching readers.

3/24/2017: Digital rights report hits Apple for its secrecy, Yahoo Finance

I had meant to attend Thursday’s presentation of the Ranking Digital Rights survey of how tech companies defend their customers, but I wound up watching the livestream of it–at the cost of missing out on whatever breakfast New America had.

3/26/2017:  It’s time to spring-clean your phone apps, USA Today

I was running on fumes by Friday, so I was glad that my editor had suggested this easy-to-write topic a few weeks before.


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