Correlation or causation: Verizon, LastPass and last weekend’s USAT column

The reaction to last weekend’s USA Today column has been interesting and a little confusing.

LastPass logoOn one hand, I’ve seen a variety of reader reports–more in reader e-mail and in comments on the post I wrote here first to see if this was a wider problem as well as on the Facebook page post in which I shared the column than in comments on the column itself–of other Verizon login failures.

On the other hand, Verizon is now thinking that this is related to my using LastPass. My PR contact there said that one of his colleagues had noticed the screenshot in my post here revealed that I use that password-manager service and suggested I try disabling its extension in the problematic copy of Safari.

I thought that a somewhat ridiculous suggestion, since each time I’d typed in the password instead of letting LastPass enter it for me. But once I did that, I could log in normally. And when I enabled it again, I got the same login failure as before. There’s correlation here. Causation? I don’t know.

I e-mailed LastPass’s CEO Joe Siegrist (not because I thought this a CEO-level issue, but because we met a few years ago and I’ve always found him quick to reply to a query) to ask his people to look into things.

If they can reproduce and, better yet, document a problematic interaction, that would be good to know and a good thing to add to the column. If they can’t (a distinct possibility considering that the guy I quoted in the column having a similar problem, PhoneScoop editor Rich Brome, told me he doesn’t use LastPass), the mystery will continue.

In the meantime, I’ll throw this question out there: If you use LastPass, have you seen any other cases of a login with a valid password failing?

5 thoughts on “Correlation or causation: Verizon, LastPass and last weekend’s USAT column

  1. I have seen LastPass change a password I entered to its saved password after I manually typed the password I wanted to use into the field. I believe this is associated with LastPass’ auto-login feature that I have occasionally checked for one site or another. When I disable that, the behavior does not replicate. I can’t remember specifically whether Verizon Wireless was a site where this was an issue, but I do know that I’ve seen it happen on two-step login sites, and when a security question is required after a password is entered.

  2. I have seen LastPass change a password that it had entered but didn’t work (I had changed the password but did not erase the old one) but I thought that was what was supposed to happen? I have also seen LP ‘force’ a change to a password I was typing in..often enough and irritating enough that I disabled auto-fill..but again, isn’t that what it’s supposed to do? I have not witnessed the inability to log in Rob is discussing..yet.

  3. Also encounter Last Pass issues from time to time. Sometimes it seems Last Pass can’t get it right the first time and (invisible to me) will try umpty times to login a site then I will get an error that I have exceeded login attempts and get locked out. When it happens I usually logoff LP and login manually.

  4. I’ve been using LastPass for several years and I find it sometimes doesn’t play well with Safari. Recently it stopped auto filling in Safari. I have to go to the menu and make it fill in the login info. I sometimes have problems with Twitter not allowing the correct password to be entered and I have to shut it off to sign in. I have a marketing firm and we manage social media accounts for about 50 clients with lots of different passwords. While we couldn’t live without LastPass I do find it to be temperamental at times.

  5. Lots of problems with email since Verizon’s fios came into play. Change my password almost daily. I’m just beyond crazy with it. Reset it all the time!!!!

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