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  1. Rob, I have had exactly the same problem with Verizon on Safari for several months. I went through password resets, the long phone conversation with tech support, all the other steps you have detailed, but I still can’t log in on my MacBook Pro. If I use Chrome, I get in without a problem. I know the block is something on this laptop because my old iMac (a 2006 model running on Snow Leopard) is not affected. Even stranger, there were a few days after I deleted the Verizon login information somewhere (possibly in Keychain Access, but I’m not sure) when the block went away. But then it came back, and all subsequent efforts have been futile. I don’t even try any more with Safari. However, I am relieved to know I am not the Lone Ranger. If you can’t figure it out, what hope is there for the rest of us?

    • Here’s an update on what I said in the message above: I had said that my iMac was not having the same problem at the MacBook Pro. But yesterday it did, so I tried to deal with it. I went to Safari Preferences>Privacy and clicked the Details button to get the long list of cookies etc. I scrolled to the verizon items and deleted both verizon.com and verizon.net. Then I quit Safari, reopened it, and was able to log in to Verizon webmail. However, when I tried the same steps on the MacBook Pro, it still didn’t work. Go figure.

    • My problem, exactly as Rob described, has nothing to do with webbrowsers. A week ago my outlook email started asking for my Verizon password [and so did my husband’s and my son’s Outlook]. I tried to log in to webmail but could not log in to My Verizon as my password was rejected with the same screen as Rob got. I called Verizon and after 2 hours — including being transferred twice with long waits incurred — we were given temporary passwords to get into our accounts and then change our passwords and give a security question [which we already had set up.] Within 1 day my husband’s password stopped working; my sons stopped within 2 days and mine stopped after 6 days. I called Verizon again today and was kept on hold for 25 minutes then got through to someone who told me (1) that my phone number isn’t a Verizon number [it is and has been for 17 years!!!!] He couldn’t cope with my address even when spelt out using alpha bravo charlie delta etc. and then when I gave him my account number said he couldn’t get up my account details. After an hour of him talking without mute to the person in his neighboring cubicle asking for advice, at one stage getting up and walking across the call center to get his supervisor; he still could not get up my account details. He insisted he could not transfer me to his supervisor nor to anyone else and that I should ring back. I refused and insisted he transfer me to his supervisor Eventually, I was told his supervisor would ring me back: no one rang back. I then got onto the online chat. That technician wanted to take control of my computer which I refused as the problem is at Verizon’s end. I pointed out she could replicate my problems by trying to log in to My Verizon. She too had to give me temporary passwords and I had to log in and reset the passwords and set the security questions again. This technician had the cheek to tell me to make sure I remember the passwords this time. I pointed out that Outlook doesn’t “forget” passwords and that Verizon needs to fix the problem and not blame the user. In total 3 hours tied up with Verizon today to get the problem resolved — but for how long?

  2. Rob,

    Same issue with Firefox but not with I.E. I have two accounts due to two separate residences. The MD account doesn’t work on Firefox but VA account does. I’m not spending the time with Verizon to fix it. Enjoy your writing and miss your WAPO work. Regards, Bo Robinson

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  5. I’ve had the same Verizon login problems since last week, and there is clearly a security problem at Verizon.

    I tried to resolve the issue several times by repeatedly reseting Safari, removing cookies with several tools, etc. but it only worked sporadically.

    Unbelievably, I was finally able to access my email directly from Google. The steps were:
    1. Repeated failed attempts to login (error message to “please update your security info” so did not login or logout of account
    2. Went to Google and typed “Verizon login.” Clicked on Search results for subheading “Verizon login” under verizon.com
    3. The Google page link took me directly to my email inbox, without logging in!

    So Verizon’s system is apparently recognizing logins while simultaneously generating error messages and blocking direct access to email. This means your account is actually open when you give up repeatedly trying to login, hence the security hole when you don’t logout.

    I was so stunned at this massive security breach that I called Verizon immediately. Tech Support said they would fix the problem, but the fix only lasted one day. Initially the login failure was only on my MacBookPro/Safari, but now involves both Firefox and Safari on both my laptop and my iMac.

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  7. Same issue here. Vz said the problem originated from their higher security two step authentication that was in progress. Several resets later I was presented with several images, asked to pick one and told it would display while I put in my pw. OK, it’s a nice image but…how does it help me? I know who I am. I guess it was designed to give me a visual confirmation I was attempting to enter my Vz site?? This I know, that’s why I am trying to login. If it is for security I should have to choose the correct image to proceed. For a few weeks the image showed up as expected on the right side of the pw entry screen and…ta-da, now it’s gone. It was a nice picture I selected, I kinda miss it.

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