Weekly output: online movies, transparency reports, Bitcoin, CES (x2), Google Voice MMS

Yahoo Tech launched on Tuesday during Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s CES keynote–for a guide to the site, check out David Pogue’s welcome letter and introductory video, the latter featuring a two-second clip of me saying “hello, world”–which meant that a lot of writing done earlier could finally go public. As for articles written during CES about the show, I didn’t have any this year. You can blame that on my not selling any to paying clients before the show, then getting sick with some kind of bug that had me in a daze for much of Monday and operating at a reduced speed the next day.

(Scroll after the jump for a slideshow of my Flickr photos from CES.)

Yahoo Tech online-movies post1/7/2014: Want To Watch This Year’s Best Movies Online? Too Bad., Yahoo Tech

I repeated an old experiment–seeing how many of a critic’s best movies of the year could be legally streamed or downloaded online–but expanded it to include the previous year’s critic’s picks and the top-grossing movies for those two years. I thought the state of online movie availability would look better with that more generous sample set; I was wrong.

1/7/2014: Verizon And AT&T Are No Longer Blind To Transparency. Get Excited!, Yahoo Tech

Here, I set out to explain why it’s a big deal, and a positive development, for AT&T and Verizon to say they’ll follow the example of Internet companies by posting “transparency reports” documenting how often they field law-enforcement inquiries about their customers.

1/7/2014: Okay, Seriously: What The Heck Is Bitcoin, And Why Do So Many People Prefer It To Dollars And Cents?, Yahoo Tech

My research for this column concluded with my purchase of $5 in Bitcoin via an ATM set up at a CES reception–arguably, one of the sketchier things I’ve done in Vegas.

1/7/2014: 3 Trends From CES Week That Could Soon Change Your Life, The Motley Fool

The Fool’s Rex Moore interviewed me halfway through press-conference day about 4K TVs, curved TVs, wearable devices and other trends at the show.

1/10/2014: Wowed by many things at the Consumer Electronics Show, WTOP

My voice was nearly shot by the time I did this interview at 6:40 local time Friday morning.

1/12/2014: Some carriers allow photo messages on Google Voice, USA Today

Google added support for multimedia messages sent from T-Mobile numbers back in November, and I didn’t even realize it at the time thanks to Google electing to have the news broken by a product manager in a Google+ post.

I used Sulia to share updates from CES: this year’s odd fetish for curved gadgets, Intel’s pledge to ship processors free of conflict minerals, using a 3Doodler pen to draw in three dimensions, eyeballing LG’s revival of webOS as a TV interface, a “capacitive coupling” demo that essentially turned my body into a USB cable, whether connected cars should have their own bandwidth or borrow your phone’s, and ways activity-tracking wristbands can stay relevant when phones can be good-enough activity trackers.


2 thoughts on “Weekly output: online movies, transparency reports, Bitcoin, CES (x2), Google Voice MMS

  1. I remember going to Comdex in the late 90’s, when I lived in Cedar city Utah, and realizing there were more people in the LVCC than lived within 50 miles of me.

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