2013 in review: changing channels

I’m ending this year with a lineup of freelance clients that doesn’t look much like what it began with. I think I’m getting more comfortable with that sort of flux.

2013 calendarWriting about tech policy at the Disruptive Competition Project took the place of doing the same for CEA’s blog, and now my upcoming involvement at Yahoo Tech is  displacing DisCo. My gadget reviewing at Discovery ended in November, but I’ve been able to scratch that itch at Boing Boing and at PCMag.com.

These changes leaves USA Today as my longest-running outlet–it’s now been just over two years since my first column ran there–and I won’t mind if things stay like that for a while.

Back in January, I had my first network-news appearance when the NBC Nightly News had me on for a few seconds talking about Java vulnerabilities. I haven’t had all that many TV/radio/podcast spots since, but there have been enough to drive me to make two purchases: a desktop USB microphone and additional solid-color shirts that won’t moiré on camera.

I thought I’d write more long-form pieces this year, but didn’t do much beyond one in-depth piece for The Magazine. I also told myself I’d start doing a little travel writing on the side, but that didn’t happen either.

I did, however, travel more than my share (new work destinations this year: BarcelonaDenverPortlandSeattle and Tucsonas I went to what may have been too many conferences and spoke at a decent number of them.

But the travel I’m happiest about was the for-real, no-laptop, no-Schedule-C-expenses vacation my wife and I took in June. And, of course, all those times I’ve taken that short walk out of my home office to see our daughter.

Thanks for reading! See you on the other side…

Updated 1/2/2013 to fix a spelling mistake and account for my having gone to Seattle on business before: In 2004, I went there to tour Microsoft’s campus.


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