4 thoughts on “Weekly output: cord cutting, Spotify, AT&T, tablets, stranded music

  1. Rob, I will be at CES this year. Would be great to catch up. Will be at show stoppers and pep com as well as meetings and walking the floor.

    Any interesting wearable or wireless health press releases or announcements? Still working on my press credentials. Since I took a hiatus for a couple of years due to health issues, I now have to prove who I am.

    Would you vouch for me? I can’t believe I have to do this.

    • Wearable computing looks like it will be a big focus this year–though whether that’s going to result in many new devices being strapped to people’s wrists or heads remains unclear. Happy to vouch for you if necessary!

      • Thanks rob. I will send your name to CES folks and have you vouch for me. Googling my name is not enough.

        Anyway I agree re wearables. As with everything before it will be big guys who win but it will be big guys in their own spaces like Nike, probably a big watch manufacturer etc. eventually it will be a big eyewear company, a big jewelry designer etc. the principles of the wireless industry don’t change..it is only the players that do. Quite phenomenal.

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