When do you decide it’s time to fire an app?

I guess I don’t have to drag the icon for Apple’s Mail program out of the Dock after all.

Mail iconAn update shipped Thursday fixed the ugly Gmail-synchronization bug that I had been displeased to confirm in OS X Mavericks. Until then, I was about 90 percent sure that I’d have to dump the e-mail app that had been my daily driver since abandoning Eudora on the Mac at least a decade ago.

The likeliest replacement was Airmail, except its lack of support for the nifty data-detectors feature that lets me create calendar events from mentions of dates or times in messages had held me back.

Also, I’m really slow to move from one app to another, to the point that seemingly minor feature requirements like that become an enormous obstacle.

I still have Safari as my default browser in OS X, even though Chrome does a lot of things better–aside from automatically filling in contact information from my Contacts entry. And I continue to use iPhoto for my pictures, despite its glitches and Apple’s apathy about fixing them (although with 55 GB of photos, moving to a new photo-management app would be a non-trivial endeavor).

About the only major app that has exited my workflow in recent years is Microsoft Word. But since I’d have to pay for a no-longer-so-current version of that–while either Google Docs or TextEdit augmented by WordService provide all the tools I need for my formatting-free writing, leaving Apple’s Pages sufficient for the occasional venture into graphic design–that was a much easier call to make.

What was the last program you fired for cause? Tell me about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “When do you decide it’s time to fire an app?

  1. Last app I fired? Instagram. I had only recently started using it when they updated their Terms of Service to assert ownership over my photos. After some back and forth with them, I just decided I didn’t NEED to use their service. Deleted my account. Then along came Facebook to purchase Instagram. I don’t like FB ToS/ULA either but I appreciate the value I get out of their service.

  2. The last app that I fired for cause was Paltalk. I had sunk so low as to run Paltalk in a Windows emulator on my Mac (no Mac support). They have a flash version of their client, but it is horribly buggy. Paltalk then added a restriction where you were not allowed to run their Windows app in an emulator unless you paid for one of their subscription plans. At that, I said enough was enough and ditched them completely.

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