A bout of broken links at CEA’s blog

The Consumer Electronics Association recently moved its Digital Dialogue blog over to a new content management system. That wouldn’t be a news item to me, except that when CEA switched its blog to the same CMS that runs the rest of the site, they elected not to bring over entries older than November.

CEA Digital Dialogue logoThat means that along with CEA posts going back to the blog’s debut in March 2008, all of my own work there has gone down the bit bucket. (That’s not the first time this kind of link rot has happened; when Discovery News changed CMSes and redid its design in January, my car2go review somehow vanished; they were able to repost it, but not at the same address.) That’s not what I would have done; it’s also not my server.

You can still find most of my CEA contributions through the Internet Archive, but only if you know the original address of each. So I asked the folks at CEA if they’d mind me reposting some of that stuff here–I had to ask because my contract, like too many freelance arrangements, had a “work for hire” clause assigning copyright to them–and they said that would be fine as long as I noted where and when the work first appeared.

I said “some” and not all because I don’t have the time or motivation to rescue 50-plus contributions, not all of that material retains its relevance, and some of it is, you know, not that good. Four I have in mind: a December 2011 post unpacking the odd ritual of granting exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention clause, an April 2012 rant about how “digital rights management” restrictions in e-books preserve Amazon’s dominance, a June 2012 confession of how I overestimated the appeal of the DVD recorder, and a July 2012 protest against sacrificing compatibility or connectivity to make phones and laptops fractionally smaller or thinner.

But if there are others you’d like to see restored here, please let me know. To help with that, I’ve gathered a more-or-less complete list after the jump of the posts, podcasts and chats I did for CEA, with Internet Archive links when available.

9/12/2011: 3-D TV and 3D Technology

9/19/2011: How Dead is the Disc?

9/26/2011: The Flattening Price of Flash

10/3/2011: Decoding the demo: five sales pitches to doubt

10/11/2011: What’s Next for the Digital Camera?

10/17/2011: PROTECT IP, Latest Reason To Beware of Product Design By Congress

10/18/2011: Podcast featuring gdgt’s Peter Rojas (not the original headline, but I can’t find any record of what that was)

10/25/2011: Happy Tenth Birthday, iPod! Now Please Go Away

10/31/2011: SOPA: Copyright Overreach, Version 2.0

11/8/2011: A Cord-Cutting Toolkit

11/15/2011: Fading Flash And Other Media Missteps

11/21/2011: Gadget-guide Guidance

11/28/2011:TV Screen Sizes: 30 Is The New 20

12/2/2011: Podcast featuring the NPD Group’s Stephen Baker (not the original headline either)

12/5/2011: Why You Keep Reading These Privacy-Scare Stories

12/16/2011: DMCA Exemptions: Requesting Permission To Innovate

12/19/2011: The NTSB’s Proposed Phone Ban: Tech Policy Goes Off The Road

12/27/2011: New Computer? Same Old Setup Issues

12/30/2011: Rob’s December Podcast: 3D TV, Holiday Sales Trends and CES

1/4/2012: 7 Tech Stories for 2011 and 2012

1/18/2012: CES 2012: Answers To Your Electronics Questions – Not All That You’ll Like

1/26/2012: Eyeing Your Electronics Recycling Options

1/31/2012: What belongs on your next TV’s app menu?

2/1/2012: Rob’s January Podcast: The Successful SOPA Fight and Post-CES Recap

2/7/2012: Car Audio: Some Dashed Hopes On Dashboards

2/14/2012: Qualms Over QAM

2/22/2012: A Change of Channels on Spectrum Policy

2/29/2012: Big Screens Are For TVs, Not Phones

3/5/2012: Rob’s February Podcast: Let’s Talk About Spectrum

3/7/2012: The Aereo Scenario: A TV Tune-Up On Trial

3/13/2012: Smartphone Battery Life Goes South By Southwest

3/20/2012: Retina displays, 4K TVs push pixel limits

3/28/2012: Sourcing Should Be Part of a Gadget’s Story

4/3/2012: Rob’s March Podcast: Sourcing, RIM Shot, Windows 8, “Free” 4G

4/4/2012: Software-Update Policies Could Use An Upgrade

4/10/2012: Passpoint: A Recipe for Wider Wi-Fi

4/17/2012: Overlooked E-Book Chapter: DRM Makes Monopolies

4/26/2012: CISPA: What’s the worst that could happen?

4/30/2012: Rob’s April Podcast: Talking Tech Policy with CDT’s Brock Meeks

5/2/2012: Cordless Charging Awaits A Jump Start

5/11/2012: The Shape Of Wireless To Come

5/17/2012: Talking TVs

5/18/2012: Why You Can Spell LCD “LED”

5/22/2012: Ad Hoc Reactions to ‘Auto Hop’ Ad Skipping

5/30/2012; Your Next Remote May Already Be In Your Pocket

6/5/2012: Rob’s May Podcast: Big-Screen Banter With Dave Zatz

6/6/2012: How DVD Recording Got Paused

6/15/2012: TPS Report: The Election’s Missing Tech-Policy Issues

6/22/2012: No Soundbar To Mass Adoption

6/28/2012: The Future of Media: Buyers Or Renters?

7/3/2012: Staying Online After a Storm

7/13/2012: What Your Phone Owes Your Next Computer

7/17/2012: Rob’s “June” Podcast: Getting Silicon Valley To Talk To Washington

7/20/2012: Live Chat Today: Travel Talk

7/25/2012: Rethinking the State of Competition

7/27/2012: Your Device Can Be Too Small And Too Thin

8/3/2012: Questions to Clarify Cloud Computing

8/14/2012: Avoid Tech Travel Travails

8/31/2012: Beyond the SHIELD Act: Taking A Sword To Patent Trolls

9/6/2012: Rob’s Podcast: Comparing Notes With PCWorld’s Melissa Perenson



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