Packing and planning for CES

Here we go again: Tomorrow morning, I’m going to board a plane and fly to Las Vegas for my 16th consecutive year of covering CES.

CES 2012 South HallI should have the packing routine down by now–if you’re going to the show and haven’t read the cheat sheet I wrote in late 2011, it’s not too late to check it out–but I’m still not sure that I do. This year’s gear doesn’t stray too much from last year’s:

  • 13-inch MacBook Air
  • Ethernet adapter to make up for the Air’s lack of wired networking (has nobody at Apple ever tried to use the WiFi at most tech events?)
  • unlocked loaner Galaxy Nexus phone overdue to return to Google; in the meantime, I’ve got a prepaid T-Mobile account on it
  • Verizon-loaned HTC 8X, since I haven’t given Windows Phone 8 a real torture test yet
  • My own pathetically obsolete phone
  • aging Canon point-and-shoot camera (I need to upgrade and hope I’ll get a sense of what I should buy at CES)
  • charger and spare AA batteries for the camera
  • Belkin travel power strip
  • compact USB hub, in case the two USB ports on the power strip aren’t enough to power nearby devices

I’ll be in Vegas through Friday morning, meaning I have all of Monday to hop between press conferences, followed by three days on and around the show floor. Beyond incessantly tweeting out whatever I see, I’ll be writing a CES recap for Discovery, a couple of posts for the Disruptive Competition Project, and some sort of contribution to the PBS NewsHour’s site.

I’ve got a couple of video interviews on tap as well–the Motley Fool wants to get my thoughts on the show, and I’m supposed to chat with tech journalists Cali Lewis and Jordan Burchette on Panasonic’s Live@CES video stream Tuesday at 3:30 Pacific. And I’m going to try an additional experiment: posting too-long-for-tweets updates at Sulia, a “subject-based social network” that aims to provide more depth and context than Twitter.

I will not be at all surprised if this to-do list expands over the next few days.

If there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to look for or check out while I’m at CES, now would be an excellent time to leave a comment.

10 thoughts on “Packing and planning for CES

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a downward trend on the price of the Samsung tab 2 7″ (unfortunately I haven’t been strict about documenting) and now amazon is showing they are out of stock. Curious if we should be expecting a new tablet launch from them.

    Safe travels!

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  4. Is CES now bigger than Comdex was back in the day? I used to go to Comdex every year when I lived in Southern Utah. Hit every one from 90 through 99. Really wish I’d brought a camera with me.

  5. Hey Rob, Sent this via email but you may not have time to check it: Could you look at new W8 tablets/pcs that allow pen input while resting palm on screen. This is a real problem on capacitive screens. I use MS OneNote and want to be able to jot notes. Becomes impossible if every time I write I leave a mark from my palm. The Surface Pro is supposed to eliminate the problem. Wondering if the new Lenovo’s have the same technology.

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