Live-tweet archive, Google I/O 2012 keynote (skydive edition)

SAN FRANCISCO–After years of hoping and wondering if the day would ever come, I finally got to use the words “zeppelin” and “wingsuit” in a story. My excuse was Google’s opening keynote for its I/O 2012 developers conference. When I last covered I/O in 2010, it was a sometimes boring event spiced up mainly by networking meltdowns.
This time around, however, Google staged a group skydive onto the roof of the Moscone Center–streamed live from the Project Glass augmented-reality, Web-connected eyewear worn by the four skydivers. This was easily the craziest stunt I’ve ever seen pulled at a tech event, as I noted in a post for Discovery News, and the crowd went understandably nuts. (The photo above shows the skydivers walking into the hall.) If you want to read about how it felt, an archived version of my livetweeting, including a few updates from others I retweeted, follows after the jump.

Note: The above is wrong. The Nexus Q doesn’t have a speaker, just an amplifier.


8 thoughts on “Live-tweet archive, Google I/O 2012 keynote (skydive edition)

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