Cory Booker made me write this post

Cory Booker–a Rhodes Scholar, Star Trek geek, savvy social-media user and occasional shoveler of snow–works as the mayor of Newark, N.J. He also holds the unquestionable status of most bad-ass politician in the Garden State after rescuing a next-door neighbor from a house fire (!) and then noting it in a couple of late-night tweets:

After reading the Star-Ledger’s writeup of the mayor’s heroics, I asked why Twitter wasn’t paying more attention to the news out of Brick City:

Soon enough, #CoryBookerFacts were bubbling up. Read after the jump for highlights from the dozens that surfaced over the next several hours.

Given the popularity of the “Chuck Norris Facts” meme, comparisons to the actor were inevitable:

Here, some references to Jersey geography:

(Note: For the sake of constituent service, I’d hope that Mayor Booker would rescue any NY Waterways ferries first before solving Philly’s transportation issues.)

I like a good sports analogy myself:

Pop-culture references:!/JessCapB/status/190671304867840001

Current events:

And everything else:

I’m not surprised to see there’s also a #CoryBookerStories hashtag (drawing more tweets than “mine,” not that I’m jealous or anything) and a SuperCoryBooker Tumblr blog.


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