Programming note: WordAds

Starting earlier today, you might have noticed more and different advertisements on this blog. You can blame me for that: Back in November, introduced an option called WordAds, I quickly applied for it, and my invitation arrived this morning.

WordAds should appear more frequently than the minimal ad content you might have seen before. But those spots didn’t yield any income for me; the only way I could have profited from them was to hit 25,000 page views in a month, a mark I only came close to when I announced my departure from the Post. (Third-party ads remain forbidden here; see VentureBeat’s writeup of the WordAds news for more context.)

I’m not expecting a huge amount from WordAds; if it covers the $12/year domain-mapping fee, that’d be a sufficient start. But I also trust that the ads–provided by Federated Media,’s partner in this–will be tasteful and non-intrusive. Let me know if they aren’t. And thanks again for reading.


10 thoughts on “Programming note: WordAds

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  2. Wow, it took WordPress a while to send you the invitation after your application! I applied earlier this week for WordAds on my site. Do you have any idea what kind of traffic they are requiring for acceptance?

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