Weekly output: HDTV screen sizes, podcast, 10 defining gadgets of 2011, Carrier IQ

Have I mentioned that I don’t mind not having to write 3,000 or so words of gadget guidance over the last week? Instead, I wrote these articles.

11/28/2011: “TV Screen Sizes: 30 Is The New 20,” CEA Tech Enthusiast (subscription required) CEA Digital Dialogue

One of the unofficial sports of CES is the “how big of a TV can we put on the floor” contest that manufacturers engage in every January. (This year’s winner was a Panasonic plasma that spanned 152 inches 12.7 feet.) But what about sets that mere mortals might put in their homes? I looked up some numbers and found that as TVs have gotten bigger–if you bought an HDTV two years ago, you’re not going to enjoy knowing how cheap 55-inch screens have become–some in-between sizes look to be vanishing from the market.

11/30/2011: “10 Gadgets That Defined 2011,” Discovery News

The end of the year doesn’t only bring gadget-guide stories; it also brings listicles. My latest contribution to the genre was a list of the 10 devices that left the biggest dent in the industry this year–although in some cases, the dent was more of an impact crater. Yes, I had to mention the HP TouchPad.

12/1/2011: Monthly podcast, CEA Tech Enthusiast (subscription required)

In the latest episode of the monthly podcast I do for the TE site, I chatted with one of my regular market-analyst sources, NPD’s Stephen Baker, and discussed how CES has ruined my ability to buy or wish for electronics as Christmas gifts.

12/2/2011: “Cell Phone Spying By Carrier IQ? Define Spying,” Discovery News

As I’ve written here before, many privacy-scare stories turn out to be not so frightening after a closer inspection. In this case, I talked to the guy who found this hidden diagnostic program and a security researcher who had done a separate investigation of it. (For a similar take on this, see Declan McCullagh’s post at CNet.) I enjoyed illustrating this post–since Carrier IQ doesn’t have a user interface I could easily get a screen shot of, I opted for something abstract: a photographer’s loupe magnifying the “Privacy” heading in Android’s settings app.

Updated 1/31/2012 with a non-paywalled CEA link.

1 thought on “Weekly output: HDTV screen sizes, podcast, 10 defining gadgets of 2011, Carrier IQ

  1. The time to buy a TV, or any high end electronic device, is the week after Christmas. The “damaged” floor models. The damage is usually a missing remote (and who uses the manufacturers remote instead of an all-in-one?) or scratches on the plastic. Occasionally a missing cover plate on the back. For that you get something at 2/3 off. I paid around $500 for a 32″ Sharp Aquos a few years ago. Works fine.

    Except that I live in a ground floor condo and don’t get OTA TV (in Falls Church!). Arrgh.

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