Live-tweeting, then Storifying Amazon’s Kindle event

NEW YORK–I did a day trip here yesterday to cover Amazon’s introduction of its new Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch tablets (if you were curious, getting up for the 6 a.m. Acela was as unpleasant as I expected). Since Discovery didn’t ask me to liveblog the event itself, I decided to use Twitter to post my real-time recap instead–something I haven’t had the luxury of doing at a tech event in a while.

That worked well–it’s a lot easier to share a photo with Twitter’s smartphone apps, for one thing–but live-tweeting also suffers from vanishing down Twitter’s timeline in the days afterward, not to mention requiring any later readers to read them in reverse.

So I used Storify to embed all of my tweets from Amazon’s event in conventional chronological order–minus a few replies to people asking about non-Kindle topics, plus a few photos I would have shared had I taken them with a phone instead of a regular camera. I had, perhaps, foolishly, thought I could simply embed the results after the jump here–but no, that doesn’t appear to be a supported feature, and my attempts to post the archive here through one of Storify’s publishing options didn’t work either. So you’ll have to read that archive at Storify.

(Dear Storify and management: Please figure out how to get your sites to play nicely with each other. It would also help if I could block-select tweets in Storify instead of tediously dragging them over into a story, one at a time. Until both those things happen, I think I’ll give Storify a rest. Readers: Am I missing some easier way to do things? I know WordPress embeds tweets quite well, but it doesn’t do the same with pictures shared through Twitter.)

Anyway. Note that there’s an error most of the way down; I wrote that the Kindle Fire has a microphone when it does not. Note also that this adds up to a lot of text—1,014 words, by my count.

Too much to read? My recap at Discovery News only runs about 500 words. Don’t want to read at all? You can watch my appearance on the local Fox station Thursday morning to discuss Amazon’s news. That clip’s too short? Amazon posted a 51-minute video of the entire event on YouTube.


5 thoughts on “Live-tweeting, then Storifying Amazon’s Kindle event

  1. Thanks for the review. Unfortunately Kindle just became compatible with Overdrive (who provides digital books to libraries) on Monday of this week. Just in time to introduce their newest products. My library director pre-ordered one Monday within a few hours of it’s release being announced. I’m looking forward to playing with it when it comes in.

  2. If you get a regular TV gig, don’t wear that shirt. Gets moire patterns on the screen. Or on a monitor, anyway. Otherwise you look fairly comfortable for that early in the morning. And I didn’t hear any “Uh ummm” etc. , which is good.

    • Drat. I was hoping the stripes on that shirt were broad enough to prevent moire effects.

      As for the time… an 8:45 a.m. hit is nowhere near early. 7 a.m. spots are tough, although at least the traffic is lot easier then.

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