11 thoughts on “9/11 to 5/1

  1. My friend was in cancer treatment and I was on hold with the insurance company. I turned on the Today show while waiting and saw it unfold. By the time a human came on the line we were both talking about it. I remember the sonic boom when the jets came in on “fast” to monitor the skies over DC. I went to the local hospital to give blood for Pentagon folks but…..the hospital never got the scads of injured they expected. Sad, sad, sad

  2. Rob, at least you have a place to go back to where the fellow with the “vile idiocy about how Congress was a bigger threat to the nation” is not the norm. I live in south Texas, and I have to report that fellow IS the norm here.

    Think about things rationally? Have a rational conversation about life? NO! Everything seems to be taken as polarized. And if it is not Republican or Tea Party-based, blinders go up and earplugs swing immediately into ears.

    Here’s hoping that somewhere in our future is some sort of return to rational discourse about the problems facing us as a country…where people are encouraged to say their minds…and interruption, yelling, and vile comments are NOT the order of the day.

    I can still wish you and the other readers this, though I’m surely NOT holding my breath for it to break out all over the planet:

  3. I was at work out Herndon way at a small DoD contractor. We got our updates from the web the first hour, then everyone went home. Except for one guy who was a volunteer firefighter. He said he spent the night at the Pentagon. Another co-worker’s wife had a college roommate working at Cantor-Fitzgerald. A friend was in the Old Guard and watched the Pentagon burning. Before 9/11 his job at Arlington was fairly easy and low key. Things picked up after that.

  4. We were on a 10 day wilderness canoe trip in northern Ontario and we had no contact with the outside world until our outfitter’s float plane picked us up on 9/19. They said nothing. We went back to their base camp, took showers, had dinner and still they said nothing. We got in our car and started back to Thunder Bay, checked into our hotel and still nobody said anything. Finally, in the hotel room, I called my folks to check in. I asked how things were and I’ll never forget the reply: “Fine, except the world has gone to hell in a hand basket”. We just couldn’t wrap our minds around the story my Dad told us. We turned on the TV in time to see Bush’s Sept 20 address to Congress. We drove home past overpasses lined with American flags. We drove home to a changed world really. Now, when people talk about their memories of 9/11, I feel so disconnected.

  5. Hubby was elk hunting in high country out west. They came off the mountain at dusk and tried to find the radio station w/country music. They kept hitting buttons then heard why the music wasn’t playing. They had noticed all the military jets flying in the late afternoon but didn’t know it was out of the ordinary until later in the evening.

  6. I found out coming back from breakfast with my dad. He had flown in during the weekend to look at a house I was thinking of buying and was scheduled to fly back home around noon. I had taken the morning off, to have breakfast with him and drive him to the airport. We had just walked back from the restaurant. As I walked to the elevators I saw one of the people working in my condo glued to the tv in the party room. I thought his expression was so odd, that when we went up to my unit, I immediately turned on the tv. Just in time to see the second plane hit the tower. I called work and told them it was a passenger plane, not the small plane they had heard. They didn’t believe me. I said I watched it. I was looking at the rerun and it was definitely a huge plane. Even seeing the plane and the hole in the other tower, I was still in denial about the scope of the thing. My dad and I got into the car with his luggage to run an errand and the go to the airport. In the car, the rock station DJs, who were always cracking wise and making off-color jokes, said that the Pentagon had been hit. I was disgusted that they would make a joke about what happened in NYC. I turned the channel to NPR and that is when we headed back home. To this day, I still cannot believe I was going to continue to take my dad to the airport after seeing the planes in NYC.

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